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Attorney at Law

Jennifer Kornblum


Jennifer Kornblum is a sole practitioner with over 28 years of practice and is based in Southwest Missouri. She has a client-focused practice and makes it a point to listen to her clients’ needs and find a legal solution that best matches those needs. In many instances, Jennifer can provide clients with an estimate of cost up front or will perform legal services for a flat fee.

Jennifer offers a free telephone consultation. 

Practice Areas

~ Real Estate Law
~ Business Dispute Resolution
~ Powers of Attorney for Health Care
~ Business Formation

~ Estate Planning
~ Real Estate Deeds
~ Contract Law
~ Wills & Trusts

~ Construction Disputes
~ Landlord - Tenant
~ Durable Powers of Attorney
~ Business Transactions (buying/selling)

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Jennifer Kornblum
4736 W Burbank Street
Springfield MO 65802
 Click to call: 573-552-1443
Southwest Missouri Realty

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